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JEOL TEM status

November 27, 2018. The high voltage cable connection is arcing to ground at 100kV. The microscope is unusable like that. We are going to hire the engineer to come back and make this repair possibly as early as 2 weeks from now. I’ll keep you posted.

JEOL TEM status

October 11, 2018. The TEM has been aligned and we also found that a valve is leaking. The engineer is sending me the part, but the microscope can be used in the meantime. Please reserve time so that I can be there to make the microscope ready of you want …

JEOL TEM is down

October 5, 2018. The JEOL TEM is down with a vacuum problem. I’ve got a call in for help, but the service engineer was going to be here Monday to work on alignment. For those of you keeping count this means that the ESEM and 6400 SEM are the only …