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FIB stage

March 20, 2018. I’m removing the TEM stage and replacing it with the SEM stage for a few days work.  The TEM stage should be reinstalled on Friday afternoon.


The JEOL TEM is back online

November 29, 2017. I just tested the TEM and it seems to be working fine. You will notice that the vacuum isn’t as good as it was before, but with a few ACD fills it should improve. Regardless, it is okay to use it now. Let me know if you …


November 28, 2017. I took the EDS detector (in need of repair) off of the TEM yesterday. This morning I started a bake of the column which will take 20 hours. The scope should be ready by tomorrow morning. I’ll send you a followup email to confirm.


TEM is back online

September 29, 2017. I cleared the grid blocking the beam out of the way today. Its okay to start using the TEM now. >>>>>Please remember that you can avoid a grid in the chamber by turning the holder upside down and tapping it with your finger before you put it …


TEM update

September 28, 2017. The JEOL TEM is still down due to a grid dropped into the specimen chamber that is blocking the beam. This is a serious problem that could lead to an expensive repair bill. It was easily avoidable.


TEM is down – a grid was dropped inside

September 25, 2017. My first try at removing the grid from the beam path in the TEM failed. I’m going to repeat but I’m not sure there is enough time this afternoon. That would mean I’ll be doing it tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning’s TEM schedule is cancelled. September 22, 2017. …