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FIB stage

March 20, 2018. I’m removing the TEM stage and replacing it with the SEM stage for a few days work.  The TEM stage should be reinstalled on Friday afternoon.


The JEOL TEM is back online

November 29, 2017. I just tested the TEM and it seems to be working fine. You will notice that the vacuum isn’t as good as it was before, but with a few ACD fills it should improve. Regardless, it is okay to use it now. Let me know if you …


November 28, 2017. I took the EDS detector (in need of repair) off of the TEM yesterday. This morning I started a bake of the column which will take 20 hours. The scope should be ready by tomorrow morning. I’ll send you a followup email to confirm.


TEM is back online

September 29, 2017. I cleared the grid blocking the beam out of the way today. Its okay to start using the TEM now. >>>>>Please remember that you can avoid a grid in the chamber by turning the holder upside down and tapping it with your finger before you put it …