TEM update

November 17, 2013. The service engineer will return this week to complete installation of the new(er) JEOL 2010 TEM. Key parts of this effort include stabilizing the accelerating voltage and burning in the new cathode. Ideally we want to move the high speed digital camera from the 4000 TEM to the 2010 system before the week’s end.

The vibration isolation system will be installed during the week of Dec 16th.

Finally, the rebuilt EDS detector and electronics from the 4000 will be installed before the TEM course begins in mid-January. I don’t have a specific date for that installation.

The 2010 TEM operation will be similar to the 4000 system with the exception of sample holder pump-down. The holder can pump out in ~ 2-3 minutes. This is a significant improvement over the 10-15 minutes required for the 4000 system.

I think we will really like the 2010 TEM.