TEM update

August 21, 2012. The TEM electron beam problem appears to be repaired. I have been able to achieve a stable 200kV beam ~10 times now so I believe the problem is repaired. I will work to achieve 300kV over the next few weeks.

There is one problem that remains to be repaired. The TEM a vibration isolator blew out and that leaves the TEM frame sitting on the ground on one corner. The result is that there are floor vibrations being transferred into the TEM and therefore into the images. I have observed that the vibrations appear in ~100kX images. Lower magnification images don’t appear to be affected. I have ordered another isolator.

So, you are free to use the TEM if 200kV is adequate and high magnification images aren’t required. I replaced the filament during the repairs and the bias settings are different now. I’ll show you the changes when you sign up for time.