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I cannot get an image.

Recheck the brief startup instructions. Check in this order:

  1. That the filament is not burnt (there will be no filament current on the EMISSION-CURRENT meter if it is).
  2. That the probe current detector (PCD) button is not depressed.
  3. That the signal selector is on secondary electrons NOT backscatter electrons.

If you are still having trouble, contact lab personnel for help.

What do I do about poor image quality?

Check the focus, stigmation, and that you are at peak filament saturation. For noisy, low magnitude images increase beam current. For high resolution images try low beam current and/or short working distance (WD).

HASP error dialog appeared.

A HASP is physical software license device that plugs into the computer. If you get this error, try logging out and restarting the computer. If that does not work, contact the lab personnel.

How do I get images off the computer?

You can do one of the following: burn a CD with the images, transfer the images to a jump drive, put them on an FTP site, or if you are an MSE student you can log directly into your home directory and save it there.

How do I FTP?

You can use programs called WS_FTP or WinSCP, but first you need to know the name of your department's FTP server (contact your department system administrator for this information).

For the following problems, contact the lab personnel whose numbers are on the doors in the lab.

I dropped my sample dropped in the chamber.

What do I do when the chamber vacuum is lost during specimen loading?

What do I do if the actual stage position is different than stage itself?

For microanalysis, the beam current is set correctly but there are no counts (DT's too low).

See the FAQ on geometric effects in Microanalysis.

See also Troubleshooting under Microanalysis for more general issues.

For microanalysis, Gaussian peaks are not present during WD qualitative analysis.

If your Gaussian peaks are not present, double check that your saved stage positions are correct for your elements. Follow these steps before proceeding.

1. Ensure the PCD is the out position.    
2. Press [PF7] to turn the secondary detector back on.    
3. Adjust SE IMAGE BRIGHTNESS knob and SE IMAGE CONTRAST knob, check focus and if necessary adjust with fine Z-axis control. At this time ensure that the desired standard is under the beam. If not, move the Optical Microscope (OM) out, then see steps 3.3 and 3.4 under WDS Qualitative Analysis Procedure in Microanalysis. When finished, move the OM back in.    
4. Press [PF6] to turn off SEM scan.    
5. Bring the sample into focus using the fine Z-axis control…IMPORTANT PART!!    
6. If the focus is not set, the rest will not work. Focus on a piece of junk to make it easier. Make sure there is no "fringe" on the edges, that everything is clear.    
7. Using the OM, move the stage position on an unblemished area of the standard. Each time you collect an analysis of the standard, be sure the analysis areas are in close proximity..    

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