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VIDEO: Specimen Loading Technique

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Hitachi FB-2000A FIB
Specimen Loading Technique

02 min 46 sec
AUDIO is required.

There must always be a blank plug or holder left in the FIB goniometer.

To remove the plug, first ensure that the S.C AIR LOCK VALVE switch is closed and then press the red AIR button.

Wait 30 seconds until you hear and see the sample exchange chamber open.

Gently pull the plug free from the goniometer and place in one of the sample holder boxes to keep it free of dust.

If you're removing a sample holder, gently pull the holder straight out until it stops. Turn it a few degrees clockwise, then pull it straight out until it stops once more. Turn it counterclockwise and release the holder.

Now press the red AIR button. Wait until you see the SEM sample exchange chamber open, then gently pull the holder free from the goniometer.

To insert your sample, first attach your sample to the holder with carbon tape and make sure it is secure. Check the O-ring for dust and lint and remove it with the lens paper.

Align the pin on the holder rod with the slot in the goniometer. Push the rod into the slot until it seats fully.

Hold the SEM S.E.C closed and press the green EVAC button. Wait until the sample exchange chamber's vacuum LEDs go from red AIR to green HIGH, indicating a high vacuum. This is around 10-2 Pascals. This process may take over 30 seconds.

[1:57 to 2:26]

At this time, turn the holder a few degrees clockwise and slowly guide the holder inward to the next stop. Then turn it a few degrees counterclockwise and gently guide the holder inward until it is fully seated.

Now you can open the S.C AIR LOCK VALVE switch on the vacuum control panel of the console and begin your session.


Host: Felicia Nip
Videographer: Mick Small
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