eTraining Introduction

Specimen Preparation

Leica Ultracut UCT



Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB


Veeco Dim 3000 AFM

Fluorescence Microscopes



NOTE: The first user of the day must flash the tip.

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1. Open the HV Control window by left clicking anywhere in the gray accelerating voltage area, in the top right corner of the viewing screen. VIEW
2. You will need to record the values for IP1, IP2, IP3, Ie, Iflash, and Vext in the logbook. VIEW
3. An HV Control dialogue box will appear. Click on Flashing. VIEW
4. A dialogue box will appear asking, "Flashing Execute OK?". Click Execute. VIEW
5. You will need to quickly take note of the flashing current (Ie) located in the accelerating voltage box and the value for IP1 (Iflash).    
6. Select an accelerating voltage and click ON. Record the value for Vext in the logbook. VIEW

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