Xenemetrix EX-6600 EDS

Xenemetrix EX-6600
The Xenemetrix EX-6600 uses X-ray fluorescence to measure elemental composition.


X-Ray Fluorescence

Xenemetrix (formerly Jordan Valley) EX-6600 energy dispersive XRF is an automated energy dispersive spectrometer. The unit has a low power rhodium X-ray tube to efficiently excite elements throughout the periodic table. It utilizes a combination of 8 filters and 8 secondary targets to enhance elemental analysis. Windows software permits ease of operation.



Room 630, M&M Research Building


Qualitative and quantitative measurement of elements from fluorine through uranium. Detectable concentration range from ppm to 100 wt%. Suitable samples include solids, pressed powders, films, and liquids. Available software capable of qualitative scans, standard-less analysis, and traditional quantitative analysis using calibration curves. The lab has particular experience with metallurgical specimens.



Last updated May 10, 2012