Scintag XDS-2000 PTS

Scintag XDS2000 Pole Figure Diffractometer
The Scintag XDS2000 Pole Figures are used to indicate the orientation of polycrystalline surfaces.


X-Ray Diffraction

The Scintag XDS2000 a 3-axis Pole figure, Texture, and Stress (PTS) horizontal goniometer configured with an LN2 cooled germanium semiconductor detector and IBM compatible workstation running Scintag XDS software in Windows NT environment.



Room 629, M&M Research Building


Pole figures are the graphical output of textural measurments. Texture is often defined as preferred orientation of crystallites. These measurements involve the study of variations in intensity of a single Bragg reflection as the sample is both tilted (psi) and rotated (phi) in a specially modified diffractometer. The graphical pole figure diagram presents contours that indicate intensity levels as a function of sample orientation.



Last updated May 10, 2012