Scintag XDS-2000 Powder

Scintag XDS2000 Powder Diffractometer
The Scintag XDS2000 Powder Diffractometer is used to identify crystalline compounds by matching diffraction patterns to a database.


X-Ray Diffraction

The Scintag XDS2000 powder diffractometer is configured with a graphite monochromoter and IBM compatible workstation running Scintag DMSNT software in Windows NT environment.



Room 629, M&M Research Building


This theta-theta configured goniometer permits automated collection of intensity vs. scattering angle scans. Data reduction schemes include unit cell determination, pattern indexing, precision lattice parameter determination, and Reitveld analysis. Crystalline compounds can be identified through indexing with the built-in JCPDS powder diffraction database.


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MY 5260 – Crystallography & Diffraction
Crystallographic concepts and diffraction analyses in materials science.
Credits: 3.0
Lec-Rec-Lab: (2-0-3)
Semesters Offered: On Demand
Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Level(s): Graduate


Last updated May 10, 2012