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FEI 200kV Titan Themis S-TEM

S-TEM status

November 15, 2017. We have had cooling water problems for a few weeks. Since the last one a week ago a few parts aren’t working right. That isn’t a problem because we aren’t using that yet anyway. The scope is ready to be used in conventional TEM mode.


ESEM down

December 21, 2016. A broken pipe poured water onto the ESEM and computers Monday. Obviously, the microscope is down. We are going to let everything dry out over the holidays and try to restart it in the week of Jan 2.

Carbon Coater Update

December 3, 2013. The water pump in the Denton chiller failed. I have a new on order that will be here Thursday. Provided the pump arrives Thursday, I can have the Denton back online Friday morning. If you need carbon coating before then we have the Meridian coater that can …