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TEM is down

March 24, 2017. The accelerating voltage system is not working correctly and the TEM cannot be used. I have a call in to the technician. Look for updates as this repair progresses. UPDATE March 27, 2017. The TEM is down bad. There is a failed or partially failed electrical component …



December 8, 2016. There is a problem turning on the voltage after signing in. Owen has shut down the scope for the rest of the day until he has time to fix it. We’ll let you know when it’s back up. -Danielle

TEM update

November 17, 2013. The service engineer will return this week to complete installation of the new(er) JEOL 2010 TEM. Key parts of this effort include stabilizing the accelerating voltage and burning in the new cathode. Ideally we want to move the high speed digital camera from the 4000 TEM to …

FESEM settings

April 9, 2013. I’ve been asked a few times recently why the settings, including kV, condenser lens, detector choice, extraction & emission current, etc., change from one session to another. The FESEM is a flexible instrument that is suitable for examination of varied samples. As such, it is unlikely that …


TEM status

October 2, 2012. The TEM problem seems to be in remission so, I am releasing the TEM for routine use. Note that the dark current values have changed since we opened the HV tank. This will affect the maximum beam current values. IMPORTANT NOTE – The maximum kV is 200! …


TEM update

August 21, 2012. The TEM electron beam problem appears to be repaired. I have been able to achieve a stable 200kV beam ~10 times now so I believe the problem is repaired. I will work to achieve 300kV over the next few weeks. There is one problem that remains to …


TEM status

July 2, 2012. The TEM is still not working. I do not know when it will be working, either. The service engineer visited last week and, after some repair, the TEM worked fine until Friday when the problem resurfaced. I am still in contact with the service engineer by phone and …

TEM Viewport Cover

TEM camera

April 26, 2012. This is a repeat of an earlier message about the TEM camera. There are dust particles on the TEM camera element. This is impossible to prevent, but the software has been designed to “erase” the effects from images. This is accomplished by a calibration that I periodically …

TEM Voltage

TEM clarify

April 23, 2012. If you use the TEM at 100kV, use HTUP to increase the kV to 200. If you use the scope at 200kV leave it at 200. PLEASE let me know if this is not clear.