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Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

FESEM down

May 11, 2018. The ion pumps shut off last night and I can’t get them restarted. Hitachi is coming Monday and they can get it back on then.   The scope will be down until the middle of next week.  Sorry.

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB

FIB update

May 1, 2018. Hitachi will come here to work on the FIB. To save money he will come in conjunction with a routine maintenance service call for the FESEM. I’ve submitted a PO for the FIB labor and it should be sent to the company before the end of day …

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB

FIB down

April 4, 2018. The FIB image disappeared yesterday after a vacuum issue. I’ve spent 3-4 hours and have been unable to understand why. I can’t understand the connection. We have no service contract on the FIB but Hitachi has been trying to help me with problems. Our field service engineer …


FESEM data bar on images

June 15, 2017. After 2 hours on the phone, the Hitachi engineer and I found out why the data bar was positioned so far into the images. Someone had changed a software setting – a box was checked that shouldn’t have been. Needless to say, he and I had other …


FESEM operational

June 1, 2017. The Hitachi engineer replaced a suspect board in the FESEM and the system is working after running overnight. He wants us to use the microscope today while he is here at the lab in case the problem reoccurs. I have opened up the calendar so you can …