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Hitachi FB-2000A FIB

FIB stage

March 26, 2018. I still have the SEM stage in the FIB. I’d like to leave it in until next week if that’s okay with users. Let me know if this will cause you problems.


FIB stage

March 20, 2018. I’m removing the TEM stage and replacing it with the SEM stage for a few days work.  The TEM stage should be reinstalled on Friday afternoon.


6400 SEM stage

November 8, 2016. The 6400 stage control misbehaves occasionally by “running away” when the stage cannot be controlled as it drives towards an end stop. If this happens to you turn off the control box with the red button above the joystick. The company gave me some ideas that I …

TEM is back online

May 28, 2014. The problem with the gionomatere stage turned out to be an easy fix.  Lucky us. BUT, the delay in y motion when the ball is rolled or the button is pushed remains a problem.  I am working with the service engineer to schedule a  visit in the …

FESEM backscatter detector

February 20, 2014. Yesterday we installed an accessory BSE detector on the FESEM. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the electronics and they will have to be sent back for repair. When you used the FESEM you will notice that the chamber scope camera has a different view of the …


FESEM users please read

June 18, 2013. I installed a fixture onto the FESEM stage. Those of you who have used the system for a few years will recognize it. Its presence should not cause you any trouble. You will still be able to use short working distances. I’m not sure how long it …