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ACMAL lab schedule

August 31, 2017. I am on vacation tomorrow but, Joe will be here to coat samples and help with the SEM. I will be in town in case you have troubles Joe can’t fix. The University is closed Monday for Labor Day holiday. The building will be locked and labs …

New sputter coater

September 14, 2016. We installed a new sputter coater last spring. Some of you are still using the old system. That’s fine but the new one pumps down faster and applies a thinner coating (if that’s what you want). The only complication is that it is designed to use the …

Sputter Coater

February 28, 2012. The sputter coater is back online and can be used now.  Again,  please don’t put hydrated samples in the system. Also, remember to turn on the Ar tank before coating.

Contaminated Sputter Coater

February 27, 2012. The sputter coating system is contaminated and the coatings are of poor quality.  Please don’t use it until I get it cleaned up.  I’ll post a follow-up message to let you know when it is ready. Why is the coater becoming contaminated?  It happens when wet samples …