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New sputter coater

September 14, 2016. We installed a new sputter coater last spring. Some of you are still using the old system. That’s fine but the new one pumps down faster and applies a thinner coating (if that’s what you want). The only complication is that it is designed to use the …

Carbon Coater Update

December 3, 2013. The water pump in the Denton chiller failed. I have a new on order that will be here Thursday. Provided the pump arrives Thursday, I can have the Denton back online Friday morning. If you need carbon coating before then we have the Meridian coater that can …

Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

FESEM status

April 1, 2013. The FESEM is back online. I’d like to let it pump overnight and, unless the is some problem, you can start using it tomorrow morning. March 29, 2013. The FESEM is unusable. We have 2 bad vacuum pumps, one of which is a “new, rebuilt” pump Hitachi …


FESEM is down

March 27, 2013. The FESEM is down with a failed vacuum pump. Hitachi si sending another that will arrive about lunchtime tomorrow. The new pump should repair the problem. I will keep you informed of progress.