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Specimen Preparation

New logging system in RM 637

November 12, 2018. We have installed a new computer logging system in the Sample Prep room (637) to track liquid nitrogen, and all other coating, ion milling and electropolishing equipment. It is easy to use. Danielle is adding names and account indexes so you won’t have to do that. We …


FESEM logbook

August 9, 2017. The FESEM logbook system isn’t working right now. IT is working on the problem. We are trying to make it a more reliable system, but we aren’t there yet. I’ll let you know when it’s back online.

Philips XL40 ESEM

ESEM computer logbook system

September 11, 2013. I have installed the computer logbook system on the ESEM. Each of the EOF instruments has one now. Remember that each scope has its own database and they aren’t linked. You have to be manually entered into the database on each scope.