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Owen vacation

March 2, 2018. I will be out of the office during Spring Break week (March 12 – 16). You can reach me by phone, text (906-369-1875) or email ( during the week, but Danielle and Justina will be in the labs during the week so ask them for help first. …

Liquid Nitrogen

ACMAL liquid nitrogen room

March 14, 2017. Room 637 is now a card access room. The door will be closed at all times and you will have to use either a key or very soon, your MTU ID card. If you enter the room you must close the door on the way out. Remember, …


TEM is back online

July 9, 2013. I “found” the electron beam and dialed in a good alignment on the TEM today and it is working fine. You can use it now. Note that the lab temp and humidity are such that we will begin using the liquid nitrogen cold traps. I will show …