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Ferromagnetic particles in FESEM

April 22, 2014. We noticed that the astigmatism could not be adequately corrected even with the stigmator adjustment at the end stop. I opened the specimen chamber and found ferromagnetic particles attached to the objective lens by the magnetic field. This is not good. It makes trouble for everyone. We …

FESEM settings

April 9, 2013. I’ve been asked a few times recently why the settings, including kV, condenser lens, detector choice, extraction & emission current, etc., change from one session to another. The FESEM is a flexible instrument that is suitable for examination of varied samples. As such, it is unlikely that …

TEM issue

March 19, 2012.  We have had a inconsistent problem with the TEM lenses that is exacerbated by warm temperatures.  The problem was observed this morning.  If you see odd lens behavior please call me at 369-1875 and I’ll come to the lab.