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6400 SEM status

November 29, 2018. I repaired the memory battery so now we have all kvs aligned. I also replaced an aperture and as a result, resolution improved markedly. I’ll be replacing 2 more apertures over the holidays. That will require that I take the SEM offline for a few days. I’ll …

Minerals and Materials Engineering Building

Your images and data

November 2, 2018. I want to let you know that ACMAL is not responsible for your images and data. It is our expectation that you take your data off the microscope computers and store it elsewhere.


FESEM online

August 25, 2017. The FESEM is online right now. After I repaired the vacuum problems I had trouble with the computer. I finally got it to boot and the SEM software working but it took many tries. Hitachi is sending us a replacement computer in case it fails again. In …

FESEM problem

June 2, 2014. There was a report of unusual imaging results and maybe a hardware problem, too.  I will check it out tomorrow morning but do not use it in the meantime.

EDS on FE-SEM is working!

February 20, 2013. The EDS hardware card came back from the repair shop – I installed and calibrated it this afternoon. I tested it for 2 hours – EDS Spectra, SEM Imaging and X-ray Mapping. Everything seems to be working properly. Some of you have been trained to use the …

Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

FE-SEM back online

February 14, 2013. The FE-SEM is back online and we have greater confidence that the image problem is successfully repaired. For those of you who are interested, a transistor that was inadequately connected to the circuit board. The EDS is not operational yet.