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FESEM details

May 11, 2017. In late April, the Hitachi engineer replaced a key computer board in the FESEM and rebuilt the hard drive from scratch. As a result, the computer should nmo longer lock up and we can close the software without fear of a problem. In the last 2 days …


6400 PC

April 27, 2017. The IT department took the 6400 PC, a Windows XP machine, off of the campus network last week. What we are left with is a computer with one user name and password. You will have to move files with a USB drive.


FESEM back online

April 27, 2017. The FESEM is back online now. The engineer rebuilt the hard drive, installed a new image board and performed routine maintenance. The software runs faster and we should not see computer lock-ups. Let me know if you see any odd behavior.

Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

FESEM is back online

November 17, 2016. The FESEM is available to use. There is still a bit of a problem with the PC so do not close the SEM software. It is hard to get it restarted. Hitachi will come back to check out the problem again after the holidays. Let me know …


FESEM status

November 11, 2016. I wrote you earlier that there is a problem with the FESEM computer locking up unexpectedly. I’ve spoken to Hitachi and they will come next week to address the problem. I’ve blocked out 3 days for them to complete the work. It will likely take less time. …



November 10, 2016. Intermittently, the FESEM computer will lock up. It will only respond to a reboot. Save your images regularly to avoid losing data. I’ll get Hitachi on the problem this afternoon. If it does lock up you will have to call me for help. DO NOT reboot it …