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Carbon Coater Update

December 3, 2013. The water pump in the Denton chiller failed. I have a new on order that will be here Thursday. Provided the pump arrives Thursday, I can have the Denton back online Friday morning. If you need carbon coating before then we have the Meridian coater that can …

Owen vacation reminder

April 23, 2013. This is a reminder that I will be on vacation Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Felicia will be in the office on Thursday and Friday mornings between 8-11. She can carbon coat sample then or Jerry Anzalone can carbon coat samples for you – reach him …

Owen’s vacation schedule

April 18, 2013. I will be out of the office this afternoon and tomorrow. Then, next week I will be out of the office Wed, Thur and Fri. Felicia will be available during her regular hours on Thursday & Friday mornings this week and next. Jerry Anzalone can carbon coat …

Both carbon coaters down

April 4, 2013. I was having vacuum problems with one of the coaters and started using the backup. The backup blew up this morning. So, we have no carbon coating capacity. I will reschedule appointments and work on the leak this afternoon.