Absence Notice

November 5, 2018. Due to some personal reasons I am going to take leave on the following days– 1. 11/06-11/07. 2. 11/12-11/15 Please plan your STEM sessions accordingly. Thanks, Pinaki Mukherjee


6400 memo page

November 5, 2018. The battery for memo memory is dead. I’m only able to program 15 kv and Shutdown. The new battery is on order and then I’ll get it setup for other kv’s.

Minerals and Materials Engineering Building

Your images and data

November 2, 2018. I want to let you know that ACMAL is not responsible for your images and data. It is our expectation that you take your data off the microscope computers and store it elsewhere.

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB

FIB status

October 16, 2018. I finally got a cooling system working but haven’t had time yet to the FIB check the operation. I can’t do it until Friday. If it all checks out we can begin using it the week of 10/22. Thanks for your patience.