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Specimen Preparation

Allied precision polisher moved

February 16, 2018. Today, due to space issues, we have moved the Allied precision polisher to the Metallography Lab (U108) on the undergrad side of the M&M Bldg (across the street). I know that Dan Seguin will be setting the machine up in that lab soon.

Liquid Nitrogen

ACMAL liquid nitrogen room

March 14, 2017. Room 637 is now a card access room. The door will be closed at all times and you will have to use either a key or very soon, your MTU ID card. If you enter the room you must close the door on the way out. Remember, …

New sputter coater damage

October 9, 2016. The top chamber cover was dropped onto the glass jar which broke off pieces. The glass chips fell into the turbo vacuum pump which was damaged. This is going to be an expensive repair – the result of carelessness. Lower the top cover onto the glass slowly. …