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Philips XL 40 ESEM


ESEM down

December 21, 2016. A broken pipe poured water onto the ESEM and computers Monday. Obviously, the microscope is down. We are going to let everything dry out over the holidays and try to restart it in the week of Jan 2.

Philips XL40 ESEM

Ebeam lithography on ESEM

October 10, 2016. Jerry Anzalone has successfully installed the Nabity Pattern Generation System (Ebeam litho) on the Environmental SEM. This instrument has a large motorized stage that is drawn out (no load lock) so a large sample can be attached to the stage. It may be possible to stitch large …

Philips XL40 ESEM

ESEM computer logbook system

September 11, 2013. I have installed the computer logbook system on the ESEM. Each of the EOF instruments has one now. Remember that each scope has its own database and they aren’t linked. You have to be manually entered into the database on each scope.

Environmental SEM

August 14, 2013. The Philips XL40 ESEM is now part of the ACMAL. Jerry Anzalone will continue to handle day-to-day operations of the instrument and associated sample preparation options. The lab is located in M&M Rm 717. Jerry’s office is 716. His contact info is 7-2423 and The use …