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Other Lab Issues

Minerals and Materials Engineering Building

Your images and data

November 2, 2018. I want to let you know that ACMAL is not responsible for your images and data. It is our expectation that you take your data off the microscope computers and store it elsewhere.

M and M Building

ACMAL air conditioning down

September 14, 2018. The Facilities chiller that cools air for 6th floor characterization labs is down and unrepairable. We have been told that Facilities is looking at options and the plan is to get it online for operation early next spring. In the meantime, the instrument labs are hot, up …

Scopes down – power outage

November 9, 2017. 9:32 am. Scopes are back online except the STEM. Going there now. November 9, 2017. 8:21 am. The power went off in the M&M and ATDC. I’m getting everything back online now. All should be back online by 9 am. I’ll confirm with a 2nd email.

Minerals and Materials Engineering Building

Electricians in labs

May 11, 2017. Electricians are installing fire alarm circuits in the 6th floor microscopy labs. I am having to cover the equipment when they are in a lab. I’m blocking out a lot of time on the calendars for this project and will release it when they are done.