Olympus BX51 FOM

Olympus BX51
The Olympus BX51 offers transmitted light viewing and an Olympus DP70 digital camera.

Olympus BX51 and DP70

The OLYMPUS BX51 research microscope is a union of Olympus infinity corrected optical systems (UIS2 – universal infinity system) and advanced fluorescence or differential interference contrast DIC (Nomarski) technology.


Room 340, M&M Research Building



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Olympus DP70 Digital Microscope Camera

Olympus DP70The Olympus DP70 is a 12.5 million-pixel cooled digital color camera system with 36-bits of RGB color depth.

Olympus DP70 Press Release

Olympus DP70 Interactive Java Tutorial

Olympus U-PS50MH

Olympus UPS50MHThe Olympus U-PS50MH is a power source for the metal halide lamphousing.


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