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VIDEO: Start Up Technique

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Start Up Technique

02 min 05 sec
AUDIO is required.

After the sample has been properly loaded, the computer must be started up and the filament must be saturated. Turn up the contrast and brightness on both CRTs push the MEMO key (button) on the keyboard, a menu will appear on the right cathode ray tube. Use the up and down keys to select an accelerating voltage, and push "L" to load that setting on the lower right hand corner of the left CRT, you should see a display of numbers. These are the magnification and the working distance focus. They should be set at 10, and 39 respectively. On the first control panel, push the SCAN MODE button. A moving dot should appear on the CRT. Push the SCAN SPEED FAST button, and the dot should become a straight line.

Push DISPLAY D-MAG button to demagnify the picture. On the second control panel, push the ACCEL VOLTAGE button and slowly turn up the EMISSION knob to saturate the tungsten filament.

Pay close attention to the left CRT. The amplitude of the waves will rapidly increase, and then decrease again even though the EMISSION knob is still being turned up. This is normal, and is called the false peak. You want to turn the knob until the highest point of the line barely touches a "ceiling." This is called saturation. Do not oversaturate the filament by continuing to raise the peaks. This drastically reduces the lifespan of the filament. Turn off D-MAG, and push SCAN PIC button to view your sample. To efficiently adjust contrast and brightness of the sample, push the waveform monitor button.

A waveform will appear on the left CRT. Using the contrast and brightness knobs, adjust the waves, so that the peaks and valleys fall in-between the lines. Push DISPLAY WFM button to view the enhanced picture.


Host: Kiersten Schierbeek
Videographer: Eric Hackney
Editors: Kiersten Schierbeek and Eric Hackney
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