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VIDEO: Specimen Loading Technique

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Specimen Loading Technique

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The sample should only be secured finger tight to the exchange rod, over tightening it prevents efficient sample loading. After loading the sample into the exchange chamber, push the Vacuum Control button to evacuate the air out of the sample chamber. Remember when loading the sample onto the exchange rod; do not touch the rod itself as the lubricant is toxic. Be careful when loading the sample onto the stage, if the sample is dropped the microscope cover must be removed, and it will take about 45 minutes of your time to reset the vacuum environment inside the microscope. At this point, you should turn the lights off. Open the stage door, and push the sample onto the stage. You will feel resistance, and then it will click into place. Once the sample is in place, unscrew the exchange rod by turning it in the CCW direction. Pull the rod out, close the stage door, and push the Vacuum Control button to release the vacuum in the chamber. Replace the rod on its holder, and you're done!


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