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Specimen Preparation

Leica Ultracut UCT



Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB


Veeco Dim 3000 AFM

Fluorescence Microscopes


Operating Procedures


1. Swipe your card through the card reader with the magnetic strip facing the left.    
2. Select which account and instrument to use in order to activate the microscope.    


1. Check that the lamp behind the filament EMISSION-CURRENT is on. If not, contact lab personnel immediately. VIEW
2. Locate the red power switch for the dSpec control box near the triangular control panel on the left side of the SEM operation console and make sure that the switch is on. VIEW
3. Load the dSpec software. Check that the software reads X = 25.000 and Y= 35.000 for the stage position.    

4. Check that the actual stage is set to X = 25 and Y = 35, WD = 39 ("Z"), Tilt = 0, Rotation = 0.

If these are set incorrectly, go back to the dSpec software and select Stage > Home Position to drive the stage to X = 25 and Y = 35.

Contact lab personnel immediately if the stage does not return to these settings.

5. Ensure that the EDS detector is in the "out" position (6). VIEW
6. Check position the objective aperture is at position 3.    
7. Turn on the infrared chamber camera and monitor.    

Specimen Exchange

The procedure is best understood by watching the SEM Specimen Loading Technique video in JEOL JSM-6400 SEM.

1. Connect the specimen holder to the specimen exchange rod. Do not touch the exchange rod! VIEW
2. Hold the Plexiglas exchange doorplate shut against port and hold while you push the red button.    
3. NOTE: Wait until the red light in the button turns off.    
4. Open the gate valve by turning the knob towards you and pulling it outwards to the right.    

5. Watch the Chamber Camera and guide the holder onto the stage.

As you push the rod in, you will encounter a step on the stage. Push down slightly on the red knob on the rod to clear the step. Continue to push the rod in until the specimen holder slides onto the dovetail and stops after slight resistance.

6. Unscrew the rod and pull the rod all the way out until you hear it "click."    
7. Push in the gate valve all the way, then turn the knob away from you to lock.    
8. While holding the Plexiglas doorplate, push the red button to release vacuum in the exchange port.    
9. Place the rod back into the Plexiglas tray.    

Start Up

The procedure is best understood by watching the SEM Start Up Technique video in JEOL JSM-6400 SEM.

1. Turn up the CRT Image contrast knobs and CRT Image brightness knobs on both CRTs. VIEW
2. Press the Memo function key on the keyboard. VIEW
3. Use the Up or Down arrows on the keyboard to select the voltage of your choice (15 or 20). Press the "L" key for Load. VIEW
4. On the Main Control Panel press the SCAN SPEED FAST button, then press the SCAN MODE button until the LSP (line scan profile) appears. VIEW
5. Press the DISPLAY D-MAG button.    
6. Turn on the accelerating voltage by pressing the ACCEL VOLTAGE button. The button should light up. VIEW
7. Saturate the filament by slowly increasing the EMISSION knob. VIEW
8. Verify that the SEM is in SEI mode. If not, press the SEI button on 2nd Control Panel (below the left CRT).    

9. Turn off DISPLAY D-MAG. To view the image, depress the SCAN PIC button.

There are three PIC settings. Each time you press the SCAN PIC button you will toggle to one of these three views.


10. Press the PF1/PNU2 key to clear the right hand CRT.


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