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The actual stage and/or WD spectrometer positions do not agree with the software positions. How do I reinitialize stage and spectrometers?

See one of the staff members.

I want to move the stage to the home position, but dSspec, the stage software program, is gone from the screen. What do I do?

You probably exited dPict32 or dQant32, which automatically shuts down dSspec. Reload either dPict32 or dQant32 and the stage software will return. Be sure to check that the software and the actual stage positions are the same before using dSspec.

PhasesWhat if I just want to analyze one phase, but there are others in the way?

This happens because the area you want to analyze is smaller than the electron beam itself, causing it to pick up other elements in that area. The minimum beam diameter is ~1 µm, and the smallest volume excited by the beam in the specimen is from 1 - 5 µm3. This means that the spectrum for this area will contain X-ray counts from elements A, B, and C, instead of just A.

Try a simulation of X-ray generation in an electron microscope, courtesy of Electric Park Research:

X-Ray Generation Simulation

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