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Specimen Preparation

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Specimen Preparation

Holder Types

Single Tilt Grid Holder

This holder is used in the final steps of TEM specimen preparation. The lifted portion of the bulk specimen is placed onto a special TEM grid. The special grid should be oriented in the holder with the line around the grid facing upwards. This holder is equipped with a selector knob of three positions: FIB, TEM, and R-T. The FIB position is used for FIB processing. The TEM position is used for inserting/extracting the holder to and from the instrument. The R-T position is for observation with TEM/STEM.

FIB Holder Single Tilt Grid FIB Holder Single Tilt Grid


Single Tilt Rotating Holder

This holder may be used for patterning, but not lift-out. If rotation is desired, the specimen must have dimensions less than 5x5 mm. This holder is equipped with a rotational knob that turns the specimen laterally, up to 360 degrees. The marks on the knob are in increments of 60 degrees. NOTE: THIS HOLDER CANNOT BE USED FOR LIFT OUT.

FIB Holder Single Tilt Rotating FIB Holder Single Tilt Rotating

Lift Out Holder

As ACMAL's "standard" FIB holder, the L-O holder can accommodate a 5x9 mm specimen. The specimen is mounted to the holder with carbon tape or by secured via spring force. The thickness of the mounted specimen effects the eucentric position. For optimal results, use a 1 mm thick specimen, such as a silicon wafer, with 1 piece of carbon tape. These are the ideal conditions for the Z-axis to be set at -300 µm, positioning the specimen in the eucentric position.

FIB Holder Lift Out FIB Holder Lift Out


The plug serves as a place-holder when a specimen holder is not inserted into the instrument.

FIB Holder Plug

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