eTraining Introduction

Specimen Preparation

Leica Ultracut UCT



Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB


Veeco Dim 3000 AFM

Fluorescence Microscopes


Operating Procedures


1. Swipe in to the computer logbook to activate the microscope.    
2. Ensure IP1 and IP2 green lights are on (front panel below the chamber). VIEW
3. Make sure the green lights are on for DP, Water, and Air Press. Make sure the DP Power Switch is on. VIEW
4. Check that both S.C. and S.E.C. Vacuum green lights are on at HIGH vacuum. VIEW
5. Check that the S.C. AIR LOCK VALVE is in the closed position. VIEW

NOTE ON SWITCHES: All of the switches on the FIB are protected against accidental changes in position. In order to flip the switches, you MUST pull each switch lever OUT before attempting to change the position! Otherwise, the switch will be damaged.

NOTE ON SPECIMENS: The FIB will accommodate specimens that are 5x5 mm or 5x10 mm. Wafer thick specimens are best. No wet or contaminated specimens are allowed.

If any of the above conditions are not met or an alarm is sounding, contact ACMAL staff immediately.

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