eTraining Introduction

Specimen Preparation

Leica Ultracut UCT



Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB


Veeco Dim 3000 AFM

Fluorescence Microscopes


Imaging Techniques

FIB (Hitachi) Mode

NOTE: If the picture appears noisy or grainy instead of smooth or crisp, you should change the Accum (average number of integrations of image) or Speed (one very high resolution frame with improved signal) settings. If your specimen is charging/unstable, increase the Accum; if your specimen is stable, increase the Speed. The speed number indicates number of seconds per frame.

1. In the top right hand Option menu, click Get SIM Image. The image pane window should pop up. If desired, check Add Micron Bar.    
2. Press Save. A window will appear with the file name as a list of numbers including the date. To change, highlight and type in the new name. NOTE: Hit return so the text turns black. Press Save.    
3. To re-open your image, Option > Load SIM Image and double click your image from the thumbnail list.    

4. To transport your file from the FIB to the PC, first open FileZilla. The left hand frame (Local site) displays the files on the PC while the right hand frame (Remote site) displays files on the FIB.

5. Near the top enter the following: Host:, Username: mseres2, Password: fib000    
6. Navigate to the destined PC location in your own directory (C: drive > Userfiles > Your file) and drag the desired files into your folder. The files are saved as TIF images.    
7. Select the File item Server > Disconnect.    

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