eTraining Introduction

Specimen Preparation

Leica Ultracut UCT



Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB


Veeco Dim 3000 AFM

Fluorescence Microscopes


Specimen Types

NOTE: To obtain the highest resolution images:

Specimen Type Voltage WD Tilt Column SetUp Condenser Lens 1 Coating
Polymer/Biological ≤ 2 kV 8-12 mm ≤ 45° lower detector
Normal mode
1-5* Do not coat
Semiconducting ≤ 2 kV varies - upper detector
1-8 -
Nanostructural ≤ 2 kV ≤ 3 mm upper detector
5-8 Do not coat

*For biological specimens, use between 1 and 5 for Cond. Lens 1 to increase signal. Use a lower emission current and do not coat the sample (depending on the size of the structures you want to image).

To adjust to a small working distance with specimens of little surface topography:

  1. Load the sample at the home position of 12 mm.
  2. Perform all alignments, especially low magnification alignment, and focus.
  3. In the Column SetUp menu, select the desired working distance.
  4. Change the stage position. Be sure to watch the chamber camera screen and for the image to come into focus again on the computer screen.
  5. Use the focus knobs to completely bring the image into focus and perform necessary alignments.

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