eTraining Introduction

Specimen Preparation

Leica Ultracut UCT



Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB


Veeco Dim 3000 AFM

Fluorescence Microscopes




The software and icons refer to the Digital Instruments NanoScope™ Control version V530r3sr3. Click the toolbars below for larger views.

Real-Time Toolbar

NanoScope Toolbar

Offline Toolbar

NanoScope Offline Toolbar


1. Sign into the logbook. VIEW
2. Log in to the computer.
3. Turn on the power in the following order. (Failure to follow this specific order may result in problems.)
 3.1. JVC Monitor VIEW
 3.2. AFM Light (You should not need to turn the knob past the filled markers.) VIEW
 3.3. AFM Controller Box VIEW
4. Start the AFM software by selecting the Nanoscope icon. VIEW
Real-Time Icon5. To begin using the AFM, select the Real-Time icon. A series of parameter menus will appear and display the settings chosen by the previous user. VIEW
6. Choose the AFM profile you would like to use.
 6.1. If the desired profile is not already selected, open the Microscope menu and choose the Profile option. VIEW
 6.2. Select the profile you want to use and then click Load. VIEW

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