Electron Optics Facility Supplies

Electron Optics Facility users should check this page for information about purchasing common supplies needed in the labs.

Widget Vendor Item Number
(commonly asked for items) (vendor that supplies us) (specific item we use)
Acetone ChemStores
Acetonitrile ACS (450 mL) Electron Microscopy Sciences  (EMS) 10020
Aluminum mounts (12.7 mm) EMS 75210 (50 pack), 75230 (500 pack)
Aluminum mounts (26 mm) EMS 75623
Canned Air WalMart
Carbon Tabs EMS 77827-12 (ultra-smooth), 77825-125P (ultra-thin)
Carbon Tape EMS 77816
C. C. C. Carbon Adhesive Thinner EMS 12665
Colloidal Silver Extender EMS 12631, 12641
Copper Tape EMS 77802
Desiccators VWR ¬†–
Diamond Scribes EMS 70030
Drierite ChemStores
Embedding Kit EMS 14270-00
Ethyl Alcohol ChemStores
Gas Cylinders American Welding Contact Owen Mills
Graphite Conductive Adhesive EMS 12684-30
Hexacarbonyltungsten (50 g) VWR 200021-122
Isopropyl Alcohol ChemStores
Razor Blades EMS 71974 (100 pack)
Sample Boxes EMS 76510 (10 pack)
Scissors EMS 72940
SEM Mount Gripper EMS 76805
Silver Conductive Adhesive EMS 12686-15
Microanalysis Standards Cannon Microprobe
TEM Grids (300 mesh lacy forvar carbon grid) Ted Pella 01883-F (50 pack)
Tweezers EMS 72801-D
EMS Gloves VWR 100503-134
Kim Clark Gloves Nitrile SM VWR 32934-110
Kim Clark Gloves Nitrile MED VWR 32934-112
Kim Clark Gloves Nitrile LG VWR 32934-114
Kim Clark Gloves Nitrile XL VWR 32934-116
Kimwipes (pk) VWR 21905-026
Kimwipes (cs) VWR 21905-026
Wypall X60 Wipers (pk) VWR 37002-020
Wypall X60 Wipers (cs) VWR 37002-020

Last updated July 17, 2013.