Card Swipe or Logbook

Access refers to individual instruments in their own lab spaces. See also Reservations. Access to the M&M Building after hours using keys or card swipe is handled separately. Contact Owen Mills for after-hours building access. Both the building and the lab spaces use the Michigan Tech ID card.

Card Swipe Access

Card Swipe FAQs

Authorization Expiration

Electrons Optics Facility

Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM: Card Swipe

Hitachi FB-2000A FIB: Card Swipe

JEOL JSM-6400 SEM: Card Swipe

JEOL JEM-2010 TEM: Card Swipe

Philips XL 40 ESEM: Card Swipe

Specimen Preparation: Card Swipe

Scanning Probe Microscopy

Veeco Dimension 3000 Atomic Force Microscope

  • Instrument Logbook
  • Cantilever Tip Logbook

Veeco Nanoscope II Atomic Force Microscope

  • Instrument Logbook
  • Cantilever Tip Logbook

Surface Analysis

Perkin Elmer PHI-660 Scanning Auger Microscope: Logbook

Fluorescence Optical Microscopy

Olympus BX51 and DP70: Logbook

Zeiss AxioVert 200 M and ApoTome: Logbook

Contact Owen Mills or other EOF staff for initial card swipe access or other access questions.

See also CICF access.

X-Ray Facility

All X-Ray instruments use a logbook.

Scintag XDS2000 Powder Diffractometer

Scintag XDS2000 Pole Figure Diffractometer

Philips Electronic Instruments X-ray Generator

Siemens D500 Powder Diffractometer

Xenemetrix EX-6600 Energy Dispersive Spectrometer

Contact Ed Laitila for X-Ray Facility access questions.

Card Swipe Instructions

Your account information must be stored in the computer prior to first use. Give the following information to one of the EOF lab staff, who will place it in the system. Please give the staff sufficient time for this. You may submit information by email.

  • Advisor’s name and contact information
  • Your department
  • Your account number
  1. Have the staff add your account information in advance (one time only).
  2. Reserve the instrument as usual.
  3. On the instrument computer, place the cursor into the ID Card field of the logbook software.
  4. Swipe the yellow stripe of your Michigan Tech ID through the card reader.
  5. A menu will appear that prompts you to select an account number and instrument to use for that session.
  6. After you select an account number, the timer will begin running and the instrument will be activated for use. NOTE: The instrument will not operate without the required information.
  7. A timer runs until you swipe again to end your session.


Q: If I forget to swipe a second time, will I be charged for a running instrument?
A: YES!! Please take care to swipe out at the end of your session! Place your ID card near the sample exchange area of the scope to make sure you do not forget to swipe out.

NOTE: The first time a user fails to swipe out of the system, they will be charged for the time they reserved in the online calendar. After that, they will be charged TWICE the calendar time.

REASON: Occasionally, users fail to swipe their ID after using the microscopes. In that event, the clock runs until the next users swipes into the system. This can result in a very large monthly charge. The system creates MTU invoices automatically, and there is no way of knowing whether the charges are the result of this problem. There is no effective way to program the logbook system to automatically end a session. All users are instructed to use the system properly.

Q: How do I know the instrument is inactive until swiping?
A: The FESEM high voltage (beam) will be grayed out and unusable until you log in. Everything will look proper EXCEPT the icon will be gray and the HV will not come on.
On the TEM, the LEDs on the Autoramp device (Up/Down – Red/Green LEDs) will be off and the filament current will not increase until you log in.
For the 6400 SEM, the HV is disabled as indicated when ACCEL button will not light up when depressed.
For the FIB, the HV is disabled. If you select HV with the FIB software w/o logging in, a “High voltage leak detected” error appears and the HV will not be activated.

Q: When should I get added to the database?
A: Give the staff at least a day or so before your first use. They must verify your account number and enter the data manually.