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PHI 5800 XPS

New PHI 5800 XPS for Surface Analysis

CH 5660/MY5660—Surface Science and Spectroscopy Course Syllabus College of Science and Arts/College of Engineering Fall 2017 A newly acquired PHI 5800 X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) adds to the surface analysis capabilities of ACMAL. The PHI 5800 XPS is equipped with a dual source anode (Al and Mg), a hemispherical analyzer, for XPS and AES analysis, […]

Titan Dig

Construction Begins on Titan Themis STEM Installation

Construction of the new building to house the high resolution STEM/TEM has begun. The new facility will be located on the west end of Michigan Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Complex (ATDC) on Sharon Avenue. The 200kV Titan Themis Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM/TEM) was funded through an NSF-MRI grant. It is a true atomic resolution […]

Rates Updated for October 2016

See the Rates page for updates to internal charges.

Erinn Smith

Erinn Smith

Erinn Smith is a new lab assistant in the Electron Optics Facility, working under Owen Mills. My name is Erinn Smith. I am an undergrad in Michigan Tech’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program and I expect to graduate in Spring 2018. I’m originally from Wabasha, Minnesota. I’m an EMT at Michigan Tech, vice president of […]